we recruit the best and brightest from all fields. We value our people and nurture their talent. We appreciate and recognize the contributions of our teammates in the success of our business and in the business of our clients. If you are passionate, driven, creative, and ready for any challenge, please review the positions that are available with us and apply today to be part of our collective intellect.

Working At Veritas

We value to the professionals spreading corporate culture. Our culture has been vigilantly developed to conserve the team environment and the naissance spirit of the company. Values are a critical component of our corporate culture and a common thread that pervades the entire organization. The values have been implemented at veritas must carry the effect of professional culture in the overall atmosphere.

  • Quality resources
  • Overcoming time zone differences
  • Command over language
  • Cultural compatibility
  • Political stability
  • Focused core competencies
  • And most importantly cost-effectiveness

  • You are excited about building an organization and not just a job
  • You like to play an important role in a growing company where you are provided with new opportunities frequently
  • You believe that creating and converting opportunities are always more important than plain conformance to a norm Please take a look at our Current Job Opportunities and Apply now to make dynamic career at one of the fast growing Development Company in Chennai.